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With online events and podcasts, CityTalk Canada explores what’s working, what’s not and what’s next for Canada’s cities.

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Since March 2020, City Talk Canada has brought together more than 400 policymakers, community leaders, and practitioners to lay the foundation for collaborative learning and problem-solving across urban Canada.

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Jump Start Investment: How Can We Accelerate Housing-Enabling Infrastructure?

Canada needs more housing, and to get there, we need the infrastructure that make new homes possible. But this critical infrastructure isn’t cheap no matter how it is financed. So, who’s going to pay for all of that? Find out on our next CityTalk Live.

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Recorded live, our online discussions bring together citymakers of all stripes to address hot-button topics and emerging community issues. Hosted by CUI president Mary Rowe.

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Leading citymakers and other experts join Mary Rowe for conversations that take a deeper dive into the issues and challenges facing urban communities.

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CityTalk Canada is produced by CUI – Canada’s Urban Institute. We are the national platform for Canadian city building – where policymakers, civic and business leaders, community activists and academics can learn, share and collaborate with one another.

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